10 Kickstarter Funded Business Ideas That Raised More Than $1 Million

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Since Kickstarter was founded in 2009, it has been the groundswell of support for individuals to fund innovative and unique projects, empowering fans to support creators whose projects they want to see materialize. There are some big names such as Pebble and Ouya that have grown to become huge brands, proof enough that crowdfunding is a viable option for new ideas and projects that may excite fanatics. Which campaigns have captured your imagination and went on to become a success? Let us have a look at some of the most interesting business ideas that raised over $1 million Kickstarter.

1. Exploding Kittens ($8,782,571) 

This is a distinctive Russian Roulette-style card game designed for “people who are into kittens, laser beams, explosions, and sometimes goats.” Created by game designers Shane Small and Elan Lee and cartoonist Matthew Inman, the project was successfully funded in February 2015 by 219,382 backers and was based on popular web comic ”The Oatmeal”.

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2. Reading Rainbow ($5,408,916)

Reading Rainbow was a popular Children’s TV show that ran on PBS for 23 years before it was in 2006. The show’s host LeVar Burton took to Kickstarter in 2012 to raise funds for a Kindle Fire and iPad “virtual field trip” app and sure enough, the world was ready for it. The idea surpassed 500% of its funding goals and is now already available in the market.

Exploding kittens is an innovative game of card that collected more than $8 000 000.

Exploding Kittens is an innovative game of card that collected more than $8 000 000.

3. 3Doodler – The World’s First 3D Printing Pen($2,344,134)

3D printing is still a pretty new technology today, but 3D drawing is even newer. Created by WobbleWorks, 3Doodler is an amazing pen that uses the same material as 3D printers in a pen that lets you draw 3D structures in the air. The Kickstarter project was so successful that it intrigued the imagination of over 26,000 backers and artists all over the world.

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4. Shenmue 3 ($6,333,295)

The role playing video game franchise Shenmue first appeared in 2009 and later followed by a sequel in 2001. The Kickstarter project was intended to fund the third edition of the game developed by the series’ original creator Yu Suzuki. The fans fully funded the idea and the game is expected to launch in December 2017.

5. The World’s Best Travel Jacket ($9,192,055)

The idea of an all-in-one travel jacket by Hiral Sanghavi and his wife Yoganshi set the record as the most over-pledged project on Kickstarter by exceeding 45,000 percent of the goal. This is a jacket that comes equipped with 15 other uses including a neck pillow, gloves, eye mask, pockets, and blanket among others.