A Great Business Idea from Santa Claus

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Santa Could Have Been An Online Millionaire If He Came Across This…

When Byron Reese first came up with the idea to open up a company, which sends personalized letters from Santa Claus all around the USA, he was able to sell 10,000 letters.  This was back in 2001.  Today, SantaMail.org sells authentic-looking personalized letters, with stamps from the North Pole, Alaska.  In 2005, their sales reached 1 million dollars.  Now, in order to expand his online business from only the Christmas season, Byron Reese offers Birthday and other greeting cards for the children all over the country, including a greeting card from a tanned Santa Clause on holiday in Hawaii.

Even though the busy season is, of course, Christmas, Santa Mail’s employees don’t wait for the last moment to begin working, but rather they start planning and working as early as February every year.

37-year-old Reese uses external help as well – he hires vendors to do some of the work and help out during the busy season.  He personally has a strong sentiment toward Christmas and the Holidays, because of the warm memories he has kept from his parents, who used to send him Santa’s letters as a child.  He claims to have established the company is a loving memory of his mother who passed away several years ago.

A Business Idea From Santa

A Business Idea From Santa

Even though the volumes of letters they write and send every year are huge, Byron Reese is very strict in quality control.  Every single letter is double-checked by the employees, in order to overrule any mistakes, which might spoil a child’s holiday. This is more than just an online business for him.

Truly, in the Christmas tradition, each year Reese installs hundreds of strings of Christmas lights, decorates Christmas cookies and enjoys going to buy the enormous number of Santa post stamps every year.

His latest crazy online business idea is to send snow to people in warmer parts of the country. Really crazy, nah… but this is a pure example of entrepreneurial spirit and out of the box thinking.