Raj Singh Invents Drone Advertising And Founds DroneCast

Drone Advertising

Drone Advertising

Today you can see ads everywhere – on the TV, on this site, on your way back home… Ads are literally everywhere, but I have never thought about this way of advertising – with drones. It’s simply genius. It’s definitely the type of ads that make a good impression and that are well remembered. Imagine that you are doing your work at the office and you see a strange flying thing inviting you to have a tasty lunch in the restaurant across the street. The drone comes exactly at lunchtime and inevitably grasps the attention even of the most dedicated worker. This is also something that is worth sharing with friends which makes drone advertising even more effective. Many people would even want to take a picture of the flying drone and post it on Facebook, or another social network. But wait… those people would do more free advertising to you. This is types of ads are so powerful just because not only affect people, but people want to share them more. This is a kind of marketing called guerrilla marketing, and according to me, it is one of the coolest ways to promote your products and services.

This cool business idea is actually booming all around the world. This is what Raj Singh, a 19 years old entrepreneur, building his business around. Last year he watched on the TV that Amazon planned to use drones for deliveries, and this is how he came to the idea to use the flying robots for showing ads. This is how the company DroneCast was founded, which actually has been growing really rapidly these days. Their customers are growing, just because all like the idea and see the potential of such ads. And also because they are the first company providing such a thing… Their service is a pure innovation, a completely new business idea that has just started spreading.

The young entrepreneur has raised more than a million dollars from investors and his company has 15 employees already. Their business is spreading not only in the US but also in many other countries.

And there is one more cool thing about DroneCast

They have a partnership program anyone can apply to. They give you a DroneCast drone, they teach you how to use it and they even start finding customers for you. In exchange for all of this, they get a 20% share of your revenue, you keep the rest. According to their site, their partners can make up to $150 000 annually with this business.