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Alexa.com – History

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Alexa Internet, Inc. is a successful web information company that has created a wide array of tools that are specifically designed for the use of website owners. These tools are very significant to the success of the company vision. These same tools are instrumental in driving traffic to a website. Thus, they play a central role in letting business owners see how website traffic effects their business.
The company was founded back in April 1996. Its vision revolves around the concept of wise web navigation a concept which is ever evolving still today. The company has the following people for the management key positions:

David Sherfesee – President
Greg Orelind – Product Manager
Ron Shalhoup – Senior Operations Manager
Steve Dawson – Software Engineering Manager

Since its establishment, users of Alexa have benefited from the massive number of downloaded toolbars. In fact, the company is responsible for some of the largest web crawls on the net still today. They have developed widespread infrastructure that processes a large amount of data as well. Alexa admits that the growth of the company is also influenced by the patronage of its clients who form a symbiotic relation with the company. The clients get and they also give, they get a useful tool that is only enhanced by the more people use it. This makes for an interesting relationship between Alexa and its loyal customers.

Alexa Toolbar

Alexa.com – logo, 2012

The company boasts its Alexa Toolbar which is its hallmark program. This is a program made by the company which can be installed in the user’s browser. This performs a very important function because every time a website user changes pages within the site this toolbar will send a message to the Alexa server for information retrieval. The retrieved data will then appear on the toolbar.

The members of the Alexa Toolbar Community’s and their active participation had brought Alexa to its current business position. Alexa acknowledges its Toolbar Community for its huge role they have played in the advancement of the company as well. Whenever the members of the community make use of the toolbars, they add essential information about the web and for its part, Alexa provide the Toolbar Community with related links and traffic ranks that will capture more visits to the clients’ websites.


Alexa Internet, Inc. offers tools that will drive traffic to your site through its Alexa Pro program. This is a complete kit of tools that is used by website owners. This gives the website owner metrics, tools, and analysis that will drive traffic to the site. Aside from the accurate traffic metrics, it also provides automated site scans and SEO recommendations.