Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Was Started With Just $12000, See Their Start-Up Story

Did you know that Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Company was supposed to be a Bagel Company?

Childhood friends Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield were born in Brooklyn NY, in 1951, four days apart.

Ben, during his senior year, drove an ice cream truck. He attended various colleges in the Northeast but dropped out. Eventually, he left college life and taught pottery in New York’s Adirondack region where he also learned about ice cream making.

On the other hand, Jerry went to Oberlin College and took up medicine. While Jerry was in college, he worked as an ice cream scooper in the school cafeteria. He then returned to New York as a lab technician and shared an apartment with Ben. Without success in applying to medical schools, he went to North Carolina. After a few years, he and Ben met in Saratoga Springs, New York, and decided to put up a business.

Jerry Cohen & Ben Greenfield - the founders of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

Jerry Cohen & Ben Greenfield – the founders of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream
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They first thought about a bagel business but decided against it since the equipment needed was expensive. They settled for ice cream instead. They decided to have their business in Burlington, Vermont since it was a college town that had no ice cream parlors. They enrolled in a $5 course in ice cream making and then opened the first Ben and Jerry’s in 1978 in an erstwhile gas station in Burlington, Vermont.

These two entrepreneurs, Ben and Jerry started with just a $12,000 investment and a partnership. The two made their now famous ice cream from an oldfashioned gas station and kept their production line small. At first, their ice cream was only sold at their gas station, but soon word of their wonderfully unique flavors and rich creamy texture spread.

Today, Ben and Jerry‘s is an internationallyrecognized ice cream maker and one of the leading brands in the industry. From their signature flavors like Cherry Garcia and Chunky Monkey to their inventive nondairy ice cream options, Ben and Jerry‘s continues to deliver the best possible ice cream experience. Their ice cream is made with only the highest quality ingredients, and their commitment to ethical and transparent sourcing shows in their products.

In addition to their incredible ice cream, Ben and Jerry‘s is also heavily involved in social and environmental issues. The company actively works to reduce its carbon footprint and support global climate action. They also prioritize buying ingredients from suppliers who care about the environment and promote a healthy and equitable economy.

Ben and Jerry‘s is famous for making delicious ice cream, but their commitment to social and climate justice makes them a truly special brand. Their dedication to delivering topnotch treats and creating positive change in the world makes Ben and Jerry‘s a beloved brand for many.

Their business grew significantly and opened non-Vermont franchises. One reason for their quick-rising popularity was their unique flavors and flavor combinations. These flavors were invented by Jerry, usually without test marketing.

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