What Is Blogger.com’s Start Up Story – How Evan Williams Founded The Site

What Is Blogger?

Blogger.com (also known as blogspot.com) is the ultimate microblogging platform on the Internet. Not only has it been the most popular place for a free blog for the last several years, but also it is the most powerful tool one could use for this purpose. There you can start and develop a professional blog for free and even earn money from it. You have everything you may need to do this, and you can make it literally in minutes. This makes Blogger the perfect place for zounds of people, companies, organizations, and others to create their own web place, where they can freely express their beliefs and opinions or anything else…

History Of Blogger – How Evan Williams Created The Site

Blogger.com - Logo

Blogger.com – Logo

Back in 1999, a tech company named Pyra Labs was founded. One of its founders, Evan Williams wanted to create a free place, where everybody could make a website and write there about his/her interests. This is how Blogger was born. Blogging, as we know it today, was an entirely new idea at that time, that’s why Pyra Labs and its team were some of the inventors of this concept. The company was started at the climax of the dot-com boom when everything in the tech niche was flourishing and making big profits. But this didn’t happen to the Blogger project. Being entirely free, it was generating no income and the employees’ wages were hard to be paid. Many of them left the company, and others stayed and worked just for the cause, without being paid for months. At some point in time, Evan Williams who was also CEO found himself the only employee in his company. But for him, only the idea was important and he didn’t give up. Fortunately, the company got some funding later and some ads appeared on the blogs, which barely covered the costs. A paid version – Blogger Pro was also introduced. The project went on…

Google Purchases Blogger (Pyra Labs)

In 2003, 4 years after its launch, Google purchased Pyra Labs and its main project Blogger. The details of the deal were not disclosed, but Evan Williams said in an interview, that he was very happy to join the Google team. At that time his company had only 6 employees and that was its turning point…

Having a solid backup, the site started growing fast. Now the aim was not money, but popularity. That’s why all of the paid services the platform offered became free and new features were added. A year later, an integration with Picasa (a popular photo-sharing site) was developed and the users were able to add pictures to their posts. Some months later a major redesign was introduced with which came many new features like professional web templates, archive pages, e-mail posting, and many others. In 2006 Blogger was moved to Google’s servers and was once again redesigned and improved. Later, AdSense became fully integrated with Blogger and it became possible for users to earn advertising revenue from their blogs. The popular affiliate program of Amazon.com – ‘Amazon Affiliates’ was also integrated, offering another monetizing solution to blog owners.

Blogspot Today

Today Blogger is the leader in the microblogging industry. There is no official data about how many blogs have been created up to date, but the number would be really huge, having in mind that the platform is 10 years old. Someone suggested somewhere that there are hundreds of millions of blogs created, but this is only a rough estimation.  The site is the 43rd most popular in the world, according to Alexa, and it is getting a more and more preferred place for many.

Useful Blogger Resources

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Blogger, a free service by Google, is one of the most popular blogging platforms today. It gives users access to an extensive library of themes, plug-ins, and gadgets. It also allows users to customize their blogs and make them look and feel more professional.

The blogger platform is designed for users of all skill and experience levels, making it easy for beginners to get started, and providing experienced users with tools to develop more advanced sites. The platform also offers features such as blog overviews, stats, and comment moderation.

The best part about using the Blogger platform is that you don’t need to be an expert web designer or programmer to create a successful website. Because it’s easy to use, anyone can start a blog quickly, without worrying about a steep learning curve. Plus, it’s a secure platform where your information is well-protected.

Overall, starting a blog on the Blogger platform is a great way to have fun and get your story out there. Whether it’s for your business, hobby, or personal brand, with the right amount of time, effort, and creativity, you can create a successful online presence.