Small Business Loan Calculator With Repayment Plan

Almost every business needs to borrow money from time to time. And this is a completely normal procedure. If you are about to take a small business loan, you should very well plan how you will pay it back. One nice tool, that can help you do this is our online business loan calculator here. Using it, you will be able to get a complete idea about how your loan will be going. It will provide you with a simple and understandable repayment plan, which you can use to see how much you would pay for your debt. Just enter some basic parameters about it, press the button and you will see detailed information about the loan like monthly payments, monthly interest rate, total interest expenses and some more information. The most valuable part of it, I think is the detailed repayment plan for your loan, where you will be able to see what exactly you would pay every month for interest expenses, principal payments, etc. If you have some difficulties using the calculator, see the instructions below.


This Is The Loan Calculator + Your Repayment Plan For It



Using The Loans Calculator

Here are some simple steps for using the calculator.

1. Enter the amount of the loan, without currency signs.

2. Enter the number of periods (usually months) until the loan is paid off. If the loan is for 5 years, the number of periods would be 5 x 12 = 60.

3. Enter the annual interest rate for the loan. You can type just numbers there ( 8.3 ), or use the percentage symbol ( 8.3% ).

4. Press the “Calculate” button and you will see the details for your loan in the right upper box and a nice payment plan in the big box.

Notice: These calculations may not be exactly what you would be offered. Banks and credit institutions may have some additional taxes, different conditions, etc. But here you can get a general idea about what your loan would be.

If you have a mortgage and you would like to see how much you have left form it, or just need to check whether or not your mortgage deserves refinancing, you can use our really cool mortgage calculator. It will show you not only a repayment plan for your loan but also will give you a nice chart showing you its detailed amortization.

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