Business Start Up Funding – How It Works

Start-Up Funding – How To Find Money For Starting

Finding money for a starting business is one of the most important tasks an entrepreneur should do. Without financing, even the greatest business idea cannot be realized. Money is the food for your business and if it doesn’t have what to eat, it will die from starvation. Some people say that good ideas always find financing or even that financing finds the great ideas. Although this is true in some cases, you can’t rely only on fate and luck for backing up your startup with money. Some knowledge and efforts will never be out of use here. This article will show you which are the most used sources of starting capital. The following infographic shows how funding really works and how and why it is used. In the common case to get cash, you need to sell a part form your cash machine – your business. Have a look:

Don’t miss to see also which are the most common mistakes, that entrepreneurs make when searching for funding:


How starting businesses are financed How starting businesses are financed. Source:


You can have a look at one unconventional, not very popular, but effective way of financing your business called: crowdfunding, or you can read some more articles about starting a small business


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