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Here is what Rift Hunter writes about us. The publication comes a little bit late, we opened a bit earlier but better late than never ;). Here is what this popular sites write about us:

Business Ideas Lab is a new website which has become successful through their recent publications of the most successful companies and entrepreneurs. Since their website’s launch, Business Ideas Lab have aimed to provide consumers all over the world with comprehensive information on some of the most highly successful entrepreneurs and companies to ever bless the earth.

Part of earning money through utilizing the internet is learning from others, and there’s no better way to learn than follow the multi-million entrepreneurs who have already made it. One of Business Ideas Lab’s latest posts, “Jim Rogers – History” goes on to explain how Jim Rogers became an entrepreneur, how he made huge stacks of money and what happened along the way. Just by following the post, consumers will be able to get a realistic idea of what’s needed to become successful when launching a business. In addition to publishing stories on individuals, Business Ideas Lab also follows successful companies and how they became successful. From marketing to developing new products, Business Ideas Lab aims to cover all aspects of successful businesses to help others learn from them.

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