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McDonald's Logo, 2012

Franchising For Dummies – What It Is And How It Works

Franchising is one of the greatest ways to start your own business and be your own boss. This is why everybody should know what it means. Here I will throw some light on the matter, giving you a very simple explanation (for dummies) of the word franchising. An Example of Franchising Imagine that John has built a successful bakery and makes a really fine bread. For the last years, his brand has been well established and everybody in town knows about the tasty bread he makes. He has a really profitable business but doesn’t want to expand, because of the...

Jimmy Jones Sandwiches logo and website.

How Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches Got In The Franchise Top 10 Companies

Sandwiches are one of the best and most delicious meals around. It is so easy to prepare a sandwich, that even a 3 years old can do it. Practically, this makes it possible for almost everyone to get in such a business without meeting any significant obstacles in the production process. This is a simple business that is not protected by any big barriers like know how, high initial investment, special skills or anything like that. Having this in mind, it may not sound that strange, that a sandwich company got into the top 10 franchises in America. Someone would...