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The logo of redBus

The Start Up Story Of redBus – A Company Founded By 3 Indian Entrepreneurs From Ground Zero

In mid-2013, Indian travel entity redBus was officially acquired by Nasper – a South African based media and Internet group – via IbiboGroup, Nasper’s Indian subsidiary. Looking back on the company’s short history since its startup less than a decade ago, you would almost agree that the partnership with a company of Nasper’s class is...

Dhiraj Rajaram

How Mu Sigma Was Started

Whoever thought a novel idea could be transformed into a multi-million dollar business venture in less than half a decade? Well, to one Dhiraj C Rajam, that’s a possibility, because it’s exactly how he started his now world-famous Mu Sigma business analytics company. To Mr. Dhiraj, becoming a businessman, let alone a successful one, was one...