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Flappy Bird

The Incredible Story Of Flappy Bird And Its Creator Dong Nguyen

Today’s world is amazing, it totally is. We live in a time of opportunities and possibilities. This story is a bright example of how a free market combined with some creativity and maybe luck can make you a multi-millionaire in a matter of months. This is the astonishing story of a young Vietnamese developer who, because of suffering from the ‘too much spare time’ syndrome, decided to write a very simple game with awful graphics… Eventually, that turned out to make him incredibly rich, because of one simple reason – people just liked it! I am talking about the fabulous...

This is the cool story behind the game FORCED.

The Young Entrepreneurs Who Lived Illegally In A Classroom To Found “Forced”

The game Forced is a popular RPG game with some tactical elements for up to 4 players. There you are a slave, who is forced to fight for his freedom or die. The game is available on Steam Store and has been a very popular app there. This makes it also a very successful business, and this business has a really cool story. Forced History The game was developed by a group of enthusiasts, passionate about gaming and computers. They found a spare classroom at the university they studied at and decided to use it for their first office. They...

Angry Birds

Angry Birds’ Start-Up Story – How Rovio Mobile Was Founded

Today you will hardly find a young person, who hasn’t heard about ‘Angry Birds‘, especially if she has a smartphone. This engaging mobile game has become one of the most popular on the market and has made millions of dollars for its creators – three young entrepreneurs who love games. But how has that happened? Here is how: Rovio Mobile LTD. Back in 2003, three young and crazy about computer games students attended the University of Technology in Helsinki. Their names were Kim Dikert, Niked Hed, and Jarno Vakevainen and one day their passion for games made them found a company under... - Habbo Hotel

Habbo Hotel’s Startup Story – How Sampo Karjalainen and Aapo Kyrola Started The Site

Habbo Hotel In the early years of the decade, online multiplayer social games were in fashion. Many sites were made, providing an opportunity for children, teenagers and adults to freely communicate with each other through the given interface. Penguins, bears and rabbits, various other animals, and tiny human-like figurines became known as ‘avatars’ and were available for personalization by the users. This is a whole virtual world, where your avatar lives the life you would like. You can do many real-life’s activities there, but the main reason people go to this site is to meet other avatars (people) in this...