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Amazon was also started in a garage

5 Big High Tech Businesses Started in a Garage

Did you know that many of the biggest Internet companies today were started in a garage? These multi-billion businesses had barely anything at the beginning, the most important thing for their success turned out to be simply a great business idea. Here are the stories of some of the most popular ‘garage start ups‘: Google...

The "Kik" .

The Kik Chat App Is Already Worth 1$ Billion

Have you heard about Kik? Probably you already use it, especially if you are a teenager. I would bet on that because this app is gaining momentum big time. Its registered users have reached about 240 million in no time and this number hasn’t stopped growing. The Canadian startup Kik Interactive, that is responsible for...

The amazing story of - the company that made it from zero to $1 billion just in a few years.

The Story Of Instagram In Pictures

Instagram is definitely one of the greatest companies of the Internet era, and it’s story – one of the most engaging start up stories today. The company started by the two young entrepreneurs Kevin Systrom and Michel Krieger was sold to Facebook for the whooping of $1 000 000 000, just a few years after...