A Qurios Fact About Where The ‘Cisco’ Name Derives From

The name of the company Cisco was derived from the City of San Francisco. Before, engineers used lower case for ‘cisco’ because it only came from the name of the said city.


According to John Morgridge, the first president of the company, the owners got the name and the logo while driving to Sacramento to register the company, and then they saw the Golden Gate Bridge entrapped in the sunlight. If you look at the lines in the logo of Cisco, you will notice the two towers which really resemble the Golden Gate Bridge. The logo was interpreted by them as a transformed version of the past that would mold the future. They also added that it looked really ‘cool’. The owners wished that the logo will somehow rub off on other people’s lives, and to make a living at something you really have confidence with.


A Cisco Phone

A Cisco Phone

In the mid to late 1990’s, Cisco was able to keep abreast with the evolution of the internet. They were able to ride the internet wave and emerged to become one of the most reliable internet service providers.

As part of their immense re-branding, it adopted the shorter name Cisco than Cisco Systems, Inc., and made “The Human Network” advertising campaign. This will show that the company can make household brands- so they can support the low-end Linksys products and future consumer products.

Since Cisco products are really useful, they were even awarded the Ron Brown Award that recognizes companies with exceptional quality of relationship with the employees and the community, and the company itself was featured in a documentary that showed how it started.

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