The Confession App – Roman Catholic Confession Guide Heping With Rite of Penance

Confession: A Roman Catholic App

Confession: A Roman Catholic App

The Confession App

Everyone has sins… some have bigger, others have smaller. What else would be a greater business idea than taking advantage of this?!? Just brilliant, isn’t it? Your market would be simply all people from all around the world. Especially those that want to make a confession for their sins.

This is what a small innovative company is making great business out of. It was founded by Patrick Leinen and it’s called Little i Apps . It is a small software business, they make mobile apps and one of their products provides a service helping you with the rite of penance. The app is called Confession: A Roman Catholic App. If you are a big sinner and you need to share your sins to feel better, you need to have this app.

The app actually has 3 main functionalities:

  1. Examination of conscience – helps you to prepare for your confession, so you get well prepared when you go to make it.
  2. Confession  guide – this will teach you how exactly you need to make your confession
  3. The third part is used to store catholic prayers to help you with your sins.

This app is specially created for helping you be a good Christian and protecting you from committing sins. It displays the 10 Commandments and has many built-in questions for determining your sin profile. It can keep track of all the wrong things so as not to forget them. You can buy the app for just $1.99 from Google Play, iTunes, or Amazon.

The confession app has even reached The Vatican. Even though The Roman Catholic Church supports the app, the software became the first app that was rebuked by them… Here are the exact words:

“It is essential to understand well the sacrament of penitence requires the personal dialogue between the penitent and the confessor and the absolution by the confessor,” Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi told reporters on Wednesday. “This cannot in any way be substituted by a technology application.”

The founder of ‘Little i Apps’ has nothing in mind regarding the Vatican’s opinion, he said that the app is just a Catholic confession guide and it’s really not intended to replace the traditional act of confession.

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