DJ Tiesto’s Early Life and Career

This is a nice example, may be even trivial, for a man who made his hobby his work. One of the greatest DJs of our time made 20 million dollars in 2011 and has earned nearly 185 million dollars for the last several years. Knowing nothing about business, DJ Tiesto managed to create a fortune, many businessmen could look only through green glasses. This is another proof for the fact, that passion is one of the most important factors for successful business.

DJ Tiesto, whose real name is Tijs Verwest, is one of the most famous DJs in the world, a real pioneer of dance and trance music styles. He was born in Breda, Holland, on January 17th, 1969. He started playing records at the age of 8, which was a clear indication that this boy promised to be a genius. At 14, he started turning his hobby into his job. Soon his career began in Breda, entertaining the public in a local disco at a very young age. Later he continued as a renowned club DJ called “The Spock”. DJ Tiesto began mixing and producing music and Hardcore Hardstyle under the nicknames: “Tom Ace”, “West & Storm”, ” Stray Dog”, “TB X-Press” and “Da Joker”.

DJ Tiesto

DJ Tiesto

His first significant success was a compilation with the name “Magik”, which consisted of 7 CDs that reflected his technique and style as a DJ. People liked his music, so he decided to start producing his own mixes under the label “Black Hole”. Later on, the Dutch star signed a contract with an agent, who promoted him to the electronic scene and managed to make DJ Tiesto a part of the vibrant nightlife. In 1999 DJ Tiesto was presented at the famous festival “Inner City”, where he literally fascinated spectators. It is said that this was his best presentation, that managed to provoke emotions of his fans who were led to a fantastic journey through the wonderful trance. DJ Tiesto had become one of the favorite trance DJs in the UK due to the variety of this mix and his great music productions.

The famous DJ travels several times a month upon the invitation of Cream Ibiza, Gatecrasher and other clubs throughout Europe. He is considered one of the best trance DJs nowadays, number 2 in the ranking of the DJ Mag magazine. DJ Tiesto boasts a huge repertoire of compilations, some of which have become very popular all over the globe. One of the most favorite mixes of his is a true reminiscence of the beginning of his career, is “In Search Of Sunriseā€.

Tiesto’s first solo album was released in 2001. It was called in “In My Memory” and it marked a new beginning of his career. His second studio album “Just Be” was released in 2004 and the same year he performed at the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece. His career is associated with significant achievements, he is the first DJ in the world who gathered more than 250,000 people for a concert of his, held in Brazil, at The Ipanema Beach. His remix of Delirium featuring Sarah McLachlan’s Silence was the first house track ever broadcast on daytime radio in the USA.

DJ Tiesto has changed his style during the last few years and undoubtedly this has resulted in negative feedback from his fans who still want him to play old tracks at live concerts.