What Was the First Job and Career of Some Billionaires?

From selling garbage bags to becoming a billionaire? Well, this is completely possible and here are some of the brightest examples of this phenomena. Mark Cuban began exactly this way his career and ended as the owner of $3.4 billion pile of wealth. In fact, many of the super-rich people today started their career at some really not attractive and really low paying positions. Steve Jobs, for example, worked at Whataburger selling burgers when he was in high school. Another great entrepreneurRichard Branson, who has founded around 400 successful companies in many different countries, started his business trip selling Christmas trees. Eric Lefkovsky, who would later found the popular site Groupon, started as a carpets seller.

Below you can track the business development of these, and some other big entrepreneurs, who started out of nothing. On this cool infographic, created by the startup organization FundersandFounders, you will see their path to success – what their first job was, what their first business was when exactly they made their first million. And they didn’t ever stop. After a successful company, they started another one and another one. Guys and girls like these ones, who start business after business are called serial entrepreneurs. Richard Branson is the brightest example of his 400 different ventures. He made his first million on the fourth company he founded and his billion on the 9th.

The Path of Serial Entrepreneurs

How some of the biggest entrepreneurs started, made their first million, and their first billion. Source: FundersandFounders

So, where do you work? If you are on a low paying job, this doesn’t mean anything. You can learn a lot from any employer. However, if you have plans to become a millionaire, just know that you have to move on someday. Another common thing between all these famous billionaires is that no matter how low they started, they moved up. They did it by founding their own companies. The start is not important at all, the journey is what matters. Becoming rich and successful is a process, this is why where you begin is really a minor thing. , and they haven’t stopped doing it. It doesn’t matter where you start, the only important thing is to keep going, developing and growing. This is not some hidden advertising of Johnie Walker, I think this is the most important conclusion you can make from this great infographic.

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