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Go Daddy ( is one of the greatest Internet companies in the world. I can proudly say, that I am very happy to be a client of theirs and many other people would tell you the same. Not surprisingly, Godaddy’s first competitor is far behind and its business is 4 times smaller (impressive). Having this in mind, I can say that the Daddy is the king in the domain name business, as in 2014 more than 50 million names are under their supervision. This makes the company the biggest registrar in the world. Except domain names, you can buy there many different high quality web services as: web hosting, software, go daddy web mail, go daddy workspace and lots more. And here comes the most interesting part:

GoDaddy’s History

Everything started back in 1997, when Bob Parsons and his team were brainstorming for a more easy to remember name for his company – Jomax Technologies Inc (Daddy’s predecessor). But this was a really trivial name. In fact, How Parsons  came up with the name GoDaddy is quite an interesting story, you can read here, actually, the name was a joke. Someone just shouted “How About Big Daddy?”. “Great! “, said another, but after they checked, this domain name was already registered. But Person liked the “daddy ideas” and suggested the name “Go Daddy”. It was still available and this is how the company got its name.

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The rapid growth of the company had just started. Until 1998, the company Network Solutions Inc. was the only place, where someone could register a domain name. But soon, ICANN was formed and this changed, the daddy entered in the game.  By year 2001, daddy reached the sales of its main competitors – Enom Inc. and Dotster Inc.

Marketing – The Go Daddy Girls

Candice Michelle, the first Go Daddy girl

Candice Michelle, the first Go Daddy girl, pic: Wikimedia

The Daddy used some mommies as its main marketing strategy. This is where the term “Go Daddy girls” come from. The first beautiful woman, involved in the advertising strategy was Candice Michelle, later referred as “Miss Go Daddy”. Using women’s beauty, turned out to be very successful and the most important, none of the competitors did it. This innovation helped for achieving an astonishing growth over the years. In 2006, the company began sponsoring Danica Sue Patrick, a driver in IndiCar, and another beauty was empowered . 3 years later, the famous poker girl – Vanessa Rousso was attracted as the next Daddy’s girl.  Up to 2010, Anna Rawson, Marina Orlova, Jillian Michaels joined the group. Beauty not only will save the world, but also it helped the Daddy to become the biggest and most famous entrepreneurial company in the world of domain names. Today I learned a very important lesson, writing this article 😉 , that everybody can use.

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Go Daddy promo codes

The price of an average .com domain name is around $10 . What would you say to buy it for $1 . I would say great! This is how! This is the other powerful strategy, the company has used to grow really big – Go Daddy promo codes! On average, the prices there are more than 70% lower, that the prices offered by competitors. Very recently I just bought a domain for at this price, using a code BIGGAME1, which gave the opportunity to 10 000 webmasters to get any available name at this price. And how do they make money this way, someone would say… Well, they have proved they can, being the biggest registrar, and I am a happy customer, I would buy again…