Jack Ma’s Amazing Start Up Story – A Short Biography

He applied for Harvard Business School 8 times and got 8 rejections… Then, finding a job was not a much more successful experience, after applying for over 30 positions, he got rejections from all of them. At one of the jobs, at KFC, he was 1 of the 24 applicants. 23 applicants got accepted, only our man was rejected and didn’t get a job. The only job that guy managed to find after that was as an English teacher, earning the incredible $12 dollars per month. But he was kind of… not fulfilled being trapped in a classroom for the whole day. So he started an Internet translation company… This business quickly became a failure and was shut down. Then he started another one called ChinaPages. This was a yellow pages website for Chinese companies. This one also failed dramatically. Who wouldn’t be completely devastated after so many failures? Not our guy… They even motivated him a lot, he remained perseverant. 7 years later, in 1999, when he was 35 years old, he started another company… And this time it would be different! That company became so successful, that currently, he is one of the most successful people not only in China but also in the entire world. Nowadays, his net worth is more than $35 billion and is the leader of one of the most prospering companies worldwide. This is a true story, of a real man. Can you already guess who our guy exactly is and whom this story is about? In case you are still struggling to do that, this amazing story is about Jack Ma – the founder and, until recently, the CEO of the largest Chinese retail company – Alibaba. To learn more details about Jack Ma‘s story, watch this amazing video brought to us by “SkillShare”. Here you can see a short biography of Jack Ma and learn some spicy details about the foundation of Alibaba and its early growth. Building up a multi-billion business empire is definitely a story worth watching, especially when you do it out of nothing, from ground zero. Nice watching!

A short biography of Jack Ma

Jack Ma’s remarkable perseverance is what helped him become one of the greatest entrepreneurs of all centuries. He’s often admitted that he was not very bright, and he was not extremely skillful. But he was persistent and always tried to surround himself with people better than him. Also, what helped a lot was that he always kept faith in himself and always got back up… to eventually end up very rich and successful.

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