The Evolution of Marketing – How It Changed Over The Years

Marketing is a complex process, it is actually selling a product or service, by using different techniques. It literally means finding, keeping and utilizing a market (customers) for a business. This is one of the most simple definitions of marketing. It is crucial part from a company’s activities, because it helps with the thing that any business should do to stay alive – to sell!

Practically marketing has initially appeared many, many years ago. Because of the fact, that any effort that helps with the sales can be called marketing, its roots began with the beginning of trade.  Although, it consisted of really simple techniques at the start, (like shouting for instance), it was used thousands of years ago. As a science, marketing has differentiated in the beginning of the 20th century, and it has changed dramatically since then. On the following infographic, created by marketing software developers Hubspot, you can see an entertaining history of marketing. It’s evolution during the years has been really dynamic, especially after the birth of the Internet. This was the moment, when a whole new concept appeared – on-line marketing. The latter has been growing more and more popular for the last years and has become a decent share of companies’ marketing budgets. On the following infographic you can see some exact numbers, facts and trends about on-line marketing. Having in mind that only a third of the entire population on the Earth uses Internet regularly, you can imagine about the growth potential of it. Lots of money are already involved there and it has been increasing year after year.

Enough words, lets have a look at some images:

The evolution of marketing The evolution of marketing, source:

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