Savings Calculator Online

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Since 2008, the economic conditions around the world have become totally unpredictable. I think there is not a big chance for something to change anytime soon. Since then, a question intensively has been arising in my head – “What would be the best way to preserve my family’s savings”. As is the person in charge of this, I started to examine many different opportunities. After some time spent in analyzing various investments, I came to the decision, that opening a savings account, might be the best way to preserve wealth. Stocks have been hit really bad and many people were left with only a part of their investments there, the real estate market was one of the main causes of the economic slump, so it couldn’t be an option at all. Commodities’ prices have been going down, because of the reduced consumption and this is not going to change until a strong recovery begins.

That’s why opening a savings account seemed to be the best decision, I could take for my money. I found a company –, where I could choose amongst many different offers, from some of the biggest banks located in the United Kingdom. They offer a wide variety of savings solutions, which was cool because I didn’t want to put all of my eggs in one basket. And I was able to apply for any offer through their website, without going to many different institutions.

So I ended up with several deposits in different banks. I made a short-term one and two 1 year deposits in different institutions. This way, my money is relatively safe and at the same time earning decent interest.

For those of you, who plan to take a similar decision, here is a simple savings calculator online, with which you can get a basic idea about what you could earn from your money, opening a savings account.

Savings Account Calculator

This is a nice savings calculator, that can show you how much you would have saved, after a certain period, based on how much you can afford to save each month and the interest rate of your savings account. Just enter the needed data and hit “Calculate”

Total invested each month:
Number of months/years to aquire sum:
Interest rate on savings: %

Total :