What Is Skype’s History? How Niklas Zennstrom & Janus Friis Founded The Company

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Only 10 years ago, no one could have even imagined that nowadays everybody would be able to make completely free calls with anyone, anywhere in the world… Not only can you talk with someone on the opposite side of the Earth, buy you can watch him/her in real time, share files and even play games with the person you are connected to, or make a conference call to a group of users. This is what Skype made possible and totally free for everyone! Great! And here is how all happened…

But first, what is Skype?

You may be amazed, but actually there are many people that don’t really know what Skype is. If you are not one of them just skip this part. So, Skype is a computer program available for all types of operating systems (like Windows, Android, Linux) with which you can connect to people from all around the world to chat, talk or even call them on their phone. One of its greatest features is that you can make free international calls through the Internet with it. You can also share files and pictures. If you have a camera, you can make video calls and many more thinks like these. Currently the application is owned and developed by Microsoft Corporation, after they bought it for $8.5 billion from eBay.com. It’s completely free and you can download Skype from its official site here.

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History of the company

Official Skype Logo (2012)

Official Skype Logo (2012)

Niklas Zennstrom from Sweden and Janus Friis from Denmark put the beginning of Skype, back in 2003, when they sold their previous project “Kazaa”. The latter was a peer to peer application for sharing files and it had become the most downloaded software, by the time it was sold. Niklas and Friis, saw the huge potential of apps like this, and this is how they came to the idea known today as “Skype”. This had to be an application, making it possible for somebody to be able to connect to someone else, without the need of centralized servers or complicated infrastructure. The only thing that was needed was both of the participants in the connection to have Skype installed. And instead of only chatting, they were able to talk to each other. The idea was great and innovative. The two guys had even greater marketing strategy – all of this would be completely free for everyone! This really helped with the early popularization of the software. At that time there were many places in the World, where conventional calls to other countries were relatively expensive or even impossible. Skype was like the discovery of the wheel for the people there, and soon thousands of hundreds were using the free tool for calls around the world.

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