This Is How To Start An Online Business With No Money

David Carter knew only a few things about asbestos but this didn’t stop him to create the site which made him several hundred thousand in just a year. As you may know, asbestos is a dangerous material that was widely used in construction some years ago, and this is why the European Union enacted some laws regulating its use. Just creating a simple site, he opened the door to the world of business. Soon, inquiries started flowing and Carter just took advantage of this. He got certified and started providing asbestos surveys (it’s a legal requirement to have such a survey carried out if you do any construction work on any property containing asbestos materials), creating a decent business model completely out of thin air. Having in mind that one of the biggest contracts he has made in this business amounted to around $500000, this could be defined as a big success.

Doing online business with nothing Doing online business with nothing. Pic:

David, who is an Englishman and lives in Birmingham, is the ultimate proof of how a man can make some serious money starting with almost nothing, just with some enthusiasm. Basically, he likes to act as a middleman, so the only thing he has to do is to supply a demand (Al Capone had said that as far as I remember…). Using the web as his primary tool, Carter has created many other successful websites. He identifies hot niches, buys some domain names and then adds a pinch of content to the recipe.  Finally, he ends up with several “hot sites” bringing some money home.

Do you need commercial property offers? Search for it on where Carter’s site appeared on the first page recently. He had no idea of selling or buying properties, but looking at the site, you will see people eager to trade such real estate. One guy wants to rent a warehouse, another wants to buy an office center… it doesn’t matter at all. David only collects the information and finds the appropriate people with the appropriate interests to make a deal using a phone.

“Internet is just a big bluff,” according to him. “If you can make a site look pretty and sound credible, you can pull inquiries in for just about anything and turn the Internet into one great sales-generation machine.”

This story is another proof that today almost anyone can start a business with no money. How do you think some of today’s biggest and most successful companies started? You can read their stories on the site and see that money was not a factor in the equation in any of the startups like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and most other big technology players of today…

Basic things to do for quickly starting an online business with no cash

Starting an online business with no money can seem like a daunting task, but it is possible and can be very profitable. Online businesses have many advantages over physical stores, such as low overhead, low startup costs, and more flexibility. Regardless of the size of your business or the industry you are in, there are plenty of ways to get started and make money without investing any upfront cash.

Create a Website

Creating a website is the first step when starting any business online. There are several options for building websites for free, such as WordPress or Wix, which let you customize them anyway you want. If you don’t have tech skills, consider hiring someone for help or doing quick research about setting up the site yourself.

Find a Niche Marketplace

Once your website is set up, look for niche marketplaces where you can find potential customers. This is one of the most important factors in launching your business without putting any money upfront. Look at places like Amazon and eBay where customers already exist and focus on creating products that align with that marketplace topic or industry.

Research Vendors to Source Products
Print-on-demand providers are popular solutions and offer an array of services to customize everything from shirts and mugs to stationary products. Consider partnering with local vendors that produce custom items without having to inventory them yourself. Additionally, drop shipping companies let you outsource all the fulfillment duties required in exchange for a small fee. Researching all these different sources will help you save money by finding low cost sources to purchase products from so you don’t have to own them outright before selling them online.

Promote Your Business & Grow Your Brand
Before launching any online store, you must get the word out about it so people know what it is and why they should purchase something from it! Social media is one way to do this, but be sure to focus on platforms where your target audience already exists (eg Instagram vs Facebook). Lastly, consider optimizing your website with certain keywords that relate back to what type of product/service you offer so customers can easily find your site when searching online!

Start an Online Business With No Money: Final Thoughts
Starting an online business may seem impossible if you don’t have any money to invest upfront – but it’s not! With careful planning and researching potential options like marketplaces and vendors for sourcing products or services without buying them outright first – anyone can get their business ideas off the ground without investing too much upfront cash.