LinkedIn’s Start Up Story – How Reid Hoffman Started The Company (Infographic)

LinkedIn is currently the most successful and progressive business-oriented social media site. Today it’s used by more than 875 million people from 200 countries all around the world and the site has around ~1.5 billion unique visitors every month. It’s the 11th most popular site on the globe according to Alexa’s rankings. But things were not that great and sweet all of the time… Actually, the history of the site is one of those amazing dorm room startup stories that sound more like magic, than a real business. And even though the founder of the company – Reid Hoffman – had never started a business before his 30-ties, he managed to make LinkedIn the giant it is today, and it was like a walk in the park. This only makes his story more magical and interesting, and I think it’s worth seeing it.

Here is a cool infographic about how exactly LinkedIn was started. We hope you enjoy it and share it with your friends… To read more about the company’s history, you can see this post here: Also, don’t forget to see some of our related posts below.


The Story Of LinkedIn And Reid Hoffman


Linkedin's Start Up Story Linkedin’s Start-Up Story

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LinkedIn is an online platform that connects professionals from around the world. It is much more than a job search engine, it is a powerful tool for networking, building a professional presence, and growing your career. The platform is a great way to market yourself and your accomplishments. You can also use the platform to find employment opportunities, learn from experts, stay updated on trends and industry news, and participate in training and professional development activities. It’s also an invaluable tool for professionals. By embracing the power of the platform and taking advantage of its features, you can boost your professional development and impact. Moreover, LinkedIn hosts several useful features and groups, such as the ability to follow companies, industry influencers, and news. It also has a special section for job visits and a large selection of training and learning materials, from introductory to advanced-level topics. In short, it’s the modern-day career site.

LinkedIn Learning

With a vast selection of courses, tutorials, and industry-leading tools, LinkedIn Learning has become essential for anyone trying to build their personal and professional skills. For those not familiar with the platform, it is an online learning platform that is built on the LinkedIn professional network. It offers a comprehensive library of courses available on the latest tech trends and business strategy, as well as tutorials and how-tos aimed at advancing your skills in a particular field. LinkedIn Learning has over 15,000 courses, from the basics of social marketing to advanced techniques in data science, making it the largest professional learning library available.