The Best Crowdfunding Sites – Top Fundraising Platforms In The World

Crowdfunding is a cool and easy way to get funds for your business startup. If you don’t know what this is, follow the link at the start of the paragraph for more detailed information. In a few words, this is a way to raise funds for your business from many small investors, usually ordinary people who like your idea. They can invest in your venture for as little as $1, and in some cases, they even get a portion of your company’s equity and a percentage of the future profits. This way almost all people in the world become potential investors in your business idea. If you persuade just a few thousand of them to give you a few dollars each, in the end, you will have tens of thousands in starting capital.  But where to get financed this way? We made some research for you and found the best top 10 crowdfunding sites in the world you can take advantage of. A nice example is the movie “The Cosmonaut”, which was financed by crowdsourcing. The producers managed to collect around $130 000 using this method. The biggest project financed this way managed to raise around $10 million in initial investments. So if you are a starting entrepreneur, you have a cool idea and there is no other conventional option to get funds, give these sites a shot:

Top Crowdfunding Sites and Platforms – this site is not casual in the first place. It is one of the most popular crowdsourcing platforms on the planet. So far, around 48 000 projects found funding there and the total amount of money collected by all of them is around $750 million. The website is visited by thousands of people (potential investors) every single day, so if you have a good idea, your chances there are pretty sweet. You can sign up for free there, but creating projects is currently allowed only for people from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, and Luxembourg, who are over 18 years old. Taxes are 5% of each successfully funded idea and 9% of any not successfully funded one. They have a submission approval process, which ensures all the submissions comply with their terms of use. Another important thing is that this is an ‘all or nothing’ platform. This means that if you try to collect $6 000 for your idea, you will not get any financing if you have collected $5 400 for example,  after the funding time expires.

Kickstarter's Website

Kickstarter’s Website – This is also a nice and popular crowdfunding platform. Here you get all the funds you acquire, no matter if you haven’t reached the needed amount. This site currently doesn’t have any limitations related to where you live or who you are. It’s open to the world. Fees here are 4% if you reach your goal of funds and 9% if you don’t. It helps entrepreneurs and charities raise funds for their projects through donations and pre-sales of products or services. This platform has more than 13 million monthly visitors and allows users to work with third-party payment processors such as PayPal.

RocketHub – They are another good platform, even not as popular as the other from above. They offer not only crowdfunding services on their “FuelPad”, but also support from big companies and brands (if they like your idea) on their “Launchpad. Fees – 4% if you reach your goal of funds and 8% the money if you don’t. They don’t use the all-or-nothing model, you keep all the funds you rise. 

RocketHub Crowdfunding Platform

RocketHub Crowdfunding Platform

GoFundMe – is not a business-only oriented platform. There you can rise funds for any cause you want – from money for your education to money for helping vagabonds on the street. It was initially focused on charity, but now offers other types of projects such as creative projects and businesses. The platform allows users to keep all funds raised regardless of whether or not they reach their goal. The is no limitation, the only thing you need to do is to make people believe in your cause. It’s a great website for donations. The site charges 5% of any donation made to you.

GoFundMe Website

GoFundMe Website

These are the top 5 websites in the world, below you can find some smaller ones that still provide millions in funds for many ideas. Don’t miss checking them, too. – like StartSomeGood, specializes in raising funds for non-profit causes and charities. The website is free to use and makes it easy for people to donate money as well as spread awareness about campaigns through social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.

StartSomeGood is dedicated to raising funds for social enterprises, non-profits, and charities. Unlike many of the other platforms, it focuses heavily on analytics and data in order to ensure success for campaigns. It also provides educational materials in order to help these organizations make effective pitches to potential donors.

SeedInvest is another recently launched crowdfunding site aimed at helping startups raise money from investors who are accredited (eligible) according to US laws regarding investments in private companies. They focus heavily on due diligence in order to ensure that only legitimate projects are funded through this platform.

WeFunder specializes entirely in startup investments and helps founders secure early-stage capital from private investors online more easily than ever before.

Fundable helps startups raise money both from equity-based investments as well as donations via rewards-based campaigns via its two distinct services: Startups can use either service depending on their goals and how they want to finance their project.

Equity Investment Platforms – AngelList is a funding platform for start-ups, which was founded by the team who started Venture Hacks. It is a crowdfunding platform that focuses on startups and budding entrepreneurs looking for venture capital money from angel investors. Companies have received investments from over 225 investors through this platform since its launch in 2013. Their website is a cool way to find investors for your project without even meeting them. It’s more suitable for bigger projects:

* the minimum capital your ideas must have is $150 thousand.

* each different investor must invest a minimum of $1 000.

* the service is free, so hurry up!

Angellist Platform

The Angel List Platform


There are dozens of crowdfunding websites available these days that help entrepreneurs achieve their goals no matter what stage of business they’re at – from small businesses just getting off the ground to well-established companies looking for expansion capital or venture debt financing. We hope this list with some of the best among them will give you a good idea about where you should start looking when it comes time for your own fundraising campaign!

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