The Best E-Commerce Start Up Business Ideas For 2014

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E-commerce has been a growing economic sector for many years now. And its uptrend will probably continue in 2014, too. Considering the fact that only a third of the world’s population has a regular access to the Internet, the future of e-commerce looks really bright even in the longer term. So if you are going to start a business and you are still brainstorming different ideas, you sould seriously think about selling something online. We prepared a cool infographic, on which you can see the best performing niches in the e-commerce sector for the last year. Actually the infographic was created by a company called Bigcommerce, which main business activity is creating e-commerce platforms. Those guys has analyzed some data provided by more than 50 000 of their own customers and the picture below is the fruit of their hard work.

The image gives information about the change in the revenue, the order size and the new stores opened in some major e-commerce niches. Watching the infographic, we can make many different conclusions about the online market in 2014. For example, even though the biggest revenue growth happened in automotive retailers, the number of home and garden new stores is the highest. This may be a sign that this niche is still untapped and it is among the best for starting a business.

The most potential e-commerce niches for 2014


The most potential e-commerce niches for 2014

The most potential e-commerce niches for 2014. Designed by Bigcommerce.