Mobile Commerce Trends – Sales Are Exploding

The Mobile Commerce Trend Is Pointing To A Rapid Expansion In Mobile Sales

Mobile commerce seems to be the next really hot thing in business, it’s been spreading around the world like a plague for the last few years. This year, for example, more than 1 billion Android devices will be sold in the world. This number is huge and these are just the devices that use Android. According to some researches, soon there will be more people with smartphones on the planet, that people who have a toilet at home.

The people who bought stuff on their mobile phone was around 10 million in Germany in 2012. The same year, Chinese purchased goods and services for more than $2.6 billion. These and some more interesting statistics on the picture below.

We can conclude, that mobile devices have been slowly replacing traditional desktop computers. So you better consider how your site or online store appears on a mobile phone.

Mobile Trades Are Booming…

Some Mobile Commerce Stats
Some mobile commerce stats, created by SPARKED

So if you have been thinking of starting a business or expanding your current one, don’t forget about considering the mobile revolution that is going to hit the world very soon. It has started and soon being mobile will become a matter of survival.

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