How To Become An Entrepreneur? Some Signs You Might Be One Of Them

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Are you wondering about how to become an entrepreneur?

Most of the entrepreneurs are simply born this way (this doesn’t mean that you can’t learn to be one of them, too). This is why there are so many millionaires and even billionaires who has never graduated from college. Some of them haven’t even finished their high school education (billionaire Richard Branson is a bright example). These are the so called natural entrepreneurs. Even though you can learn to be one of them, most of the characteristics common for so many entrepreneurs are inside you when you come to this world. I came across an interesting article on the matter, written by Grant Cardone, who is not only a successful businessman himself, but also has been studying entrepreneurs for more than 25 years. This is a pretty big period of time, in which he has found that the following 12 characteristics are really common for them. According to him, if someone has most of these signs, the chances for him/her to be a natural entrepreneur are pretty big. You can go through the signs and determine how they refer to you:

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12 Signs For Entrepreneurial Spirit Inside You


Entrepreneur Definition

Entrepreneur Definition

1. Hate the Status Quo – It doesn’t make sense to you that something has been done the time-honored way with no explanation why. You are not someone who wants to just go through the motions or sit by idly. Nor do you like following the pack.

2. Easily Bored – You find yourself easily bored, and others start viewing you as a problem. But nothing is wrong with you except that you are bored with activities that aren’t up to your abilities and aren’t challenging. That’s why you hated most of the classes you ever attended. Think Bill Gates who dropped out of college to become one of the richest men in the world.

3. Fired from Jobs – You’re too creative for your own good when it comes to working for others, and you may have some history, as I do, of losing jobs. Being just a cog in wheel is very difficult for you because you want to create something others can be inspired by and contribute to.

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4. Labeled a Rebel – You know that greatness resides outside the lines of conformity and don’t think that policies, laws and regulations apply to you. You have been described as a rebel and rule breaker and would defy gravity if you could.