What Is Fiverr.com’s Start Up Story? How Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger Founded The Company

What Is Fiverr

Fiverr is the ultimate micro-jobs platform on the Internet. It’s a place where millions of buyers and sellers meet and exchange services, products, goods, and whatever else that you can imagine, and that costs $5. These are the so-called gigs, each gig will cost you five bucks, and it is the universal name for every offer there. Having more than 500 000 different gigs published, Fiverr has become a great place for individuals and businesses from around the world for outsourcing small tasks for relatively small amounts of cash. Imagine that you are a marketing company from Spain and you need a recorded voice in English for a short video, describing your product. You can hire a professional translator who can do the job but most probably you would normally pay big cash for this… You can also find a gig by a native speaker, offering the same service. You pay just $5 and you get the voice recorded for you in no time. You can even try several similar gigs and pick the best one. From happy birthday songs sung by Santa to tips for improving your business…, on Fiverr you can find anything…

(Update 2013) Fiverr is not just $5 anymore

Not so long ago, Fiverr made a change in pricing their gigs, they are no longer all priced at $5, now everyone that offers a gig there can set their own price which should be up to $500. Thus, nowadays all gigs are priced very differently depending on how the seller evaluates their service.


Fiverr.com – Logo

Fiverr.com was founded by two young entrepreneurs from Israel. Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger created the site, driven by the idea that the normal 9 hours working day is not the only way to earn your income. They wanted to create a place, where people can sell their skills to the world, without even leaving their homes. The price of $5 dollars was set for each offer, so everything on the site gets affordable for a broad range of people from around the world. The site was launched in February 2010 and it has become one of the top 200 sites on the Internet today. Not only was this fast growth achieved because the idea was really innovative, but also because of its simplicity. There are thousands of freelance sites out there, but on Fiver, everything is standardized, easy, and for $5. This is one of the main competitive advantages, that has taken the site to where it is today.

Everybody Can Make Money with Fiverr

No matter who you are or where you are from, if you can do something well, you can create a gig on Fiverr and offer it to the world. Hundreds of thousands of people – moms, dads, boys, and gals offer their services there, and some of them make a decent income this way. You can play the guitar – you can offer guitar records for any song, you can write – you can offer articles for $5, you know about homeopathy – you can consult people. The possibilities are unlimited. You can barely imagine how many things can be offered for up to $500 bucks.

Fiverr Today

As Kaufman once stated – “We’re seeing users buy houses, cars, and settling college loans with the money they’re making on Fiverr.” People are selling everything there. Fiverr currently offers 1.7 million gigs in 120 categories and has millions of users from more than 200 countries. The new look and features will be rolling out to Fiverr users over the next few weeks.

Fiver has been constantly evolving and today it offers many new features to its users. The marketplace is a rapidly growing community of freelancers and people looking to buy their services. Some of the sellers there who have gained authority make decent amounts of money each month from very simple services, like proofreading for example. Whatever skill/product you may have, you can sell it there… Why don’t you try it too?

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