Never Fear of Failure It Is Always A Lesson

Starting a brand new company is not an easy thing to do in the most cases. Actually, it’s really tough and exhausting activity. This is why more than 90% of all startups fail in the first years. But this is something normal, rather than something scary. It’s even good and actually, you should never fear of failure. Why? Because it’s always a good lesson, a great teacher and experience provider. This is why we should learn from our mistakes and never give up. We should not look on failure negatively. Most people get demotivated and disturbed by it. They just start to fear from it more and this becomes one of the main obstacles in front of their success. This shouldn’t be so… One of the main facts supporting this statement is that even the successful business goes through ups and downs. Do you know anyone who has always been successful? There is no such an entrepreneur that have never experienced disappointment, most of them have failed several times. Many of them constantly fail, but this is how they learn what doesn’t work. Even the successful businesses experience failure at some point in time, this is something normal and inevitable. This is just the way thing work. and do you know one of the main differences between those who make it and those who don’t? It’s that successful entrepreneurs react differently to failure. They think of it as a part of the game and they use it to go on and improve. And this is one of the main factors behind their success. This is what you can and should learn now.

So, if you are feeling a lack of motivation, or you have recently experienced a series of failures, just look at the bigger picture. On the following infographic, you can see some facts that can help you with understanding success. 99,99% of success took time, you should not compare yourself to anyone and you should learn how to fail are some of the most important of them. Here are the rest:

Some Success Facts

An infographic created by the Funders and Founders Institute.

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