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How To Avoid Paying High Taxes Legally. Reducing Your Tax Bills.

Two things nobody can escape – the first one is death and the second one taxes. Well, even though I completely agree with number one, in reality, most of the rich people out there know many ways to escape, or at least reduce their taxes. Did you know that poor people pay taxes at rates two times higher than the rich people? In the year 2010 in the United States, the top 1% of people by income were taxed at an average rate of 5.6% and the poorest 20% of Americans were taxed at around 11.2%. The next 60% by income are taxed at 9 % on average. Why do poor people and the middle class pay at rates as twice as higher than the riches? Because riches know how they can reduce the amount owed to Uncle Sam. And here is a nice infographic, that shows some popular techniques used by the wealthy to reduce their taxes. Don’t forget to share your opinion of this below.

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10 ways to reduce your taxable income


Some techniques you can use to reduce your taxes, created by: TopAccountingDegrees.org Some techniques you can use to reduce your taxes, created by TopAccountingDegrees.org

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