The Best Cities For Starting A Business In The US

Business conditions can vary significantly in different places in the US. Choosing the right city for your startup can be the difference between failure and success. A company called GoodApril has made a research on this matter across the country and has found the top 7 best places for founding a company. They has taken in account 6 important business factors in their analysis:

1. Average tech wages
2. Income taxes
3. Sales taxes
4. Property taxes
5. Housing cost
6. Office prices

After collecting all the needed data, the professionals from GoodApril has come to some interesting results. The best place to start a business in America is Austin city in Texas. San Francisco, where actually the Silicon Valley is, turns out to be a bad choice for starting a company, because of 100% higher rental prices, higher taxes and salaries. You would need around 35%more money, to keep your company operational for a year there.

You can see these, and some more interesting details on this nice infographic here:

Top places for starting a business in USA Top places for starting a business in USA, source:

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