Laura Dahl – a Woman Entrepreneur Who Made Millions from Clothes

A Clothes Designer Business Idea Making Millions

Laura Dahl studied fashion at the NY City Fashion Institute of Technology, where she earned her master’s degree.  Later on, she began working with famous designer Anne Bowen, who is renowned for her beaded clothing adorned with semi-precious stones.  It was then, in 2003 when Laura Dahl decided to try to design her own beaded undershirt.  Her first design was this tank-top shirt decorated with beads and semi-precious stones, which immediately drew the attention of fashion experts from Vogue and InStyle.

She called her creation, the Wifebeader, and began working on 8 new designs and selling more and more of her hand-made beaded clothes.  Gradually, various boutiques began making orders for her creations.  She is proud to use the finest beads and semiprecious stones from around the world.

Laura Dahl’s first collection was picked up by Bloomingdale’s.  In 2005, Fred Segal bought her autumn collection, and now she is the official gift bag designer for the Sundance Film festival.

Dahl is still working on further developing her creations and has admitted to having a tendency to always want more and never feel comfortably satisfied after reaching a successful deal.

Today, her designs are offered in more than 130 fashion boutiques throughout the USA, with boutiques in London, Paris and Puerto Rico offering her clothes.  Wifebeaters now have 12 different silhouettes made from various fabrics, beads, and stones.

This is a great example of how just an ordinary business idea can be turned into a multimillion business. All you need is passion and the most critical success factor… Then, the sky would be the limit…