5 Crazy Simple Business Ideas That Actually Worked And Hit It Big

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Read these 5 start-up stories and you will be amazed about how 5 really simple business ideas were turned into multi-million dollar businesses.

The Slinky

One of the simplest and most popular inventions of all times.

1. The Slinky

($250 million worth)

Everyone should be familiar with the slinky toy and how it can keep even grown-ups entertained for hours. Till this day nobody can explain the magic of shoving a spring’s weight from one side to the other, or how it became a multi-million dollar product in the first place. Thanks to the clumsiness of a naval engineer the world has been living with this phenomenon for more than 50 years. While working, Richard James just happened to drop a tension spring that literally kept walking away from him. Hence, the slinky was born and in 1945 it was presented for the first time to Gimbals. Within the first 2 hours after it landed in stores 400 units were sold. Despite the fact that James went off the wagon after making millions the slinky has an estimated worth of $250 million.


Some Pet Rocks

Some Pet Rocks, source: wikipedia.org

2. The Pet Rock

(brought $15 million in first 6 months)

If I were to make you an offer to buy an ordinary rock for $3.65, you would think I’m crazy right? Gary Dahl didn’t think it was such a crazy idea and he managed to sell $15 million worth of rocks within just 6 months. This begs the question, how can he possibly accomplish such a feat? He gave something as simple as a rock a great deal of personality by placing it on a straw bed and putting it in a card board box that resembles a pet carrier case. The he gave it the name of Pet Rock. Dahl also included a small manual on how to take care of the pet while marketing it as a pet that will never give you any problems. He only paid for the packaging and manual, which came to about 65 cents per unit. This left him with a rough profit of $3.


The site today.

3. Icanhascheezburger.com

($2 million in sales in 2007)

Technology has also opened the doors for crazy business ideas that led to frenzies. One website in particular, created by Eric Nakagawa and Kari Unebasami (also respectfully known as Cheezburger and Tofu Buger), made it into the history books. All they did was take a picture of a cute fat cat and added a caption on top stating “I can has cheezburger?” According to their own account of the situation they laughed for more than an hour. The domain name was the same as the caption that they used and the first picture was followed by a series of other pictures where the cat actually gets hold of that burger. Who would’ve guessed that this website would spark a traffic count of 35 million hits a month and 8000 daily submissions? But what you really want to know is how much they made through this site right? They sold in 2007 for $2 million. If you need to have a dose of fun, you can check the site out here: Icanhascheezburger.com.

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