Never Never Never Give Up! This Is How You Succeed…

Rich and successful also cry. Failure is not a rare event even among the greatest entrepreneurs and inventors. What they do differently is that they just try again, without losing motivation. “Never never never give up” once Winston Churchill said in a very famous speech. Persistence is the quality that can make miracles with anyone. Most of the people simply find it easier to give up something, instead of giving it another shot. But why is this? There might be so many answers to this question. According to me, some of the main reasons are not that much. Many people, for example, get scared by failure. You should know, that this is a common fear among all people, but the successful ones can easily get over it. Those people probably don’t know, that most of the biggest inventors and entrepreneurs didn’t make it from the first time. Many of them didn’t even make it by the 10. You would be surprised, but there are many successful people today, that had tried hundreds (even thousands) of times before they made it. In the following video, you can see some of the most interesting constant failures, that led to success at some point in time. Here you will see how many times some of the richest people tried before they succeeded:

So Never Never Give Up! It’s Easy…

And in the end, don’t forget the following: Quitters never win, winners never quit!.
You can also see this infographic on the same matter, located here:

What’s The Real Truth About Success?

The real truth about success has been a public secret, as the most successful never share their bad moments. Who wants to share such moments, who wants to know about
other people’s woes…? So this is how people often get distracted from the real truth which is: Success is not an easy thing except you are a really lucky guy or gal. To back up this statement, you can see this crazy cool infographic on the matter, I bet you are going to like this, it’s one of the most socially shared posts on our site with more than a thousand share so far. Here it is: The truth behind success

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Never never give up and may the luck be with you!