Jonah White Earned $50 Million By Making People Ugly – The Billy Bob Teeth

October 24

Jonah White is a successful and a little weird entrepreneur, one of the founders of  Billy-Bob Teeth Inc. He and his partner Rich Bailey made more than $50 million dollars, by actually making people look ugly. This is one of the craziest and in the same time profitable business idea I have ever heard of. Their first and most successful product – the billy bob teeth made a revolution in how people smile. The founders claim that their ugly teeth are sold in more than 150 countries from around the world and so far, they have manufactured and sold more than 20 million of them. Cool ah… And below is how all happened… Billy Bob Teeth’s Story Back in 1993, Jonah White was a student in The Missouri State University in Springfield. One day during the fall, he went to watch a football game in the uni. There he saw a strange hilly-billy guy, laughing and flirting with the crowd. He had the ugliest teeth ever, and in the same time he was so confident. He was even asking every girl he could about her phone number. This guy was Rich Bailey, who actually was a dentist. After... Read more

How to Make a Million Investing 5 Dollars a Day

June 7

You would be surprised about how many ways there are to make a million of dollars. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages and if you want to become a millionaire, you should choose the one that suits you the best and stick to it. None of the methods is 100% sure, but what is in life? If you want a million you should learn to take reasonable risks!... Read more

What Is a Millionaire?

June 4

What is a millionaire? Actually this is not a very simple question… If you take a 1 000 000 loan are you a millionaire? You have that amount available for spending, but you owe it, too. So probably not… A similar situation is, if someone has a house worth a million, but she lives there and doesn’t plan selling it, how about that? There are three controversial definitions for a millionaire: 1.... Read more

Angry Birds – A Game For Millions Of Dollars – History

May 14

Today you will hardly find a young person, who hasn’t heard about ‘Angry Birds’, especially if she has a smartphone. This engaging mobile game has become one of the most popular on the market and has made millions of dollars for its creators – three young entrepreneurs who love games. But how has that happened? Here is how: Rovio Back in 2003, three young students from the University of Technology in Helsinki, passionate... Read more

Making 30 Million At 17 – Yahoo Buys Summly

March 27

This is one of the latest millionaire stories, in which a smart techy teenager hits the jackpot by selling his work to a big Internet company. This is the story of Nick D’Aloisio, the British teen who developed the news syndication app for iPhone – Summly. A Little History When he was just 15, the young entrepreneur had an idea – to simplify the way of how information is spread across the... Read more

Who Is George Soros?

November 20

One of the most legendary investors of the past century has been George Soros. He turned his hedge fund into a money making machine by which he has not only been making billions of dollars, but he helped provide funding to needy people around the world. In 2011 he retired from running the fund and started paying more attention to his philanthropic activities . A Short History George Soros was born in... Read more

The Latest Business Ideas And Stories

What The Richest Billionsires Made Their Money From

April 24

Being rich is cool, being extremely rich is extremely cool! Probably many of you has asked yourselves the question ‘How can I get rich?‘ or ‘How did those billionaires made their extremely large fortunes?’… You’ve come to the right site for the answers. On BusinessIdeasLab you can read the stories of some of the most […]

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Entrepreneur’s Dictionary

April 23

Like in almost any other area, entrepreneurs have their own slang. The guys from the online courses provider – Udemy has decided to make a kind of entrepreneur’s phrasebook, where you can see some of the most common buzzwords founders of new businesses use. I was surprised about how many words I didn’t know, but […]

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Money For Nothing – The I Am Rich Mobile App

April 21

Sometimes consumer’s behavior doesn’t really make sense… This is what the people with some really crazy business ideas take advantage of, and this is how their ideas work. This is a story of one really weir idea, that didn’t make millions, but it’s worth knowing about it big time. Why? Because it’s really simple, anyone […]

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What Is Financial Leverage?

April 18

Financial leverage in simple words is simply a way for achieving bigger results with relatively small amount of capital/financial resouces. This is usually possible with the help of credit, but leverage could also be achieved with the help of some financial instruments like derivatives. In the most common case, borrowing against the initial amount of […]

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See How Riches Avoid Paying High Taxes

April 15

Two things nobody can escape – the first one is death and the second one taxes. Well, even though I completely agree with number one, in reality most of the riches out there know many ways to escape, or at least reduce their taxes. Did you know that poor people pay taxes at rates two […]

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How Successful People Differ From Unsuccessful Ones

April 14

Do you hate changes in your life? Do you like taking all the credit for your successful activities, without sharing it with the people, who helped you? Does the success of the others arouses envy in you? Do you watch TV everyday? If the answer of most of these question is yes for you, you […]

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12 Successful Entrepreneurs Who Worked A 9-5 Job Until Their 30s

April 2

Have you ever had the thought ‘It’s too late for me to start a business’ running through your mind? You might have even believed in it, but here are 12 good examples about why you shouldn’t have. The guys and gals from have made this cool infographic, on which you can see 12 super […]

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Wealth Inequality In America Has Been Getting Stronger For The Last 70 Years

April 2

The richest are getting richer and the poorest are getting poorer. Everybody knows about this and many things that this is a flaw of modern economy, but surprise… this is not something new at all. Things has been so for many many years and this is not going to stop anytime soon. Contrariwise, the inequality […]

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Even The Most Successful Fail

February 24

Rich and successful also cry. Failure is not a rare event even among the greatest entrepreneurs and inventors. What they do differently is that they just try again, without losing motivation. Persistence is the quality that can make miracles with anyone. Most of the people simply find it easier to give up something, instead of […]

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From Living On Food Stamps To A Billionaire

February 21

This is one amazing story proving that anything is possible in America. This is the amazing story of Jan Koum, who yesterday closed a $19 billion deal selling WhatsApp to the social networking giant Facebook. Jan, who just a few years ago was hardly making the ends meet, became one of the richest people in […]

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Money For Nothing – The I Am Rich Mobile App

April 21 | Posted by Entrepreneur Writer

Sometimes consumer’s behavior doesn’t really make sense… This is what the people with some really crazy business ideas take advantage of, and this is how their ideas work. This is... Read more

From Living On Food Stamps To A Billionaire

February 21 | Posted by Entrepreneur Writer

This is one amazing story proving that anything is possible in America. This is the amazing story of Jan Koum, who yesterday closed a $19 billion deal selling WhatsApp to... Read more

WhatsApp – The Start Up That Brought 19 Billion To Its Founders

February 20 | Posted by Entrepreneur Writer

This is one of those stories that are little hard to believe, but it is completely real. A story about a young guy, who came up with a bright idea... Read more

Imgur History

February 19 | Posted by Entrepreneur Writer is a leading online image sharing platform. It’s described as the home of the most shared and liked images from all around the world. It’s actually a very successful... Read more

Doctor On Demand On Your Mobile Phone

February 14 | Posted by Entrepreneur Writer

The last time when I went to visit my doctor, I spent around 2 hours of my precious time, only to get diagnosed with a flue. In many cases you... Read more

$65 Billion Will Be Poured Down For Crowdfunding In 2014

January 17 | Posted by Entrepreneur Writer

Crowdfunding has become a really big thing in business for the last few years. And it is growing enormous! Some guys from one of the leading crowdfunding platforms – Fundable... Read more

The Biggest Angel Investors In 2013

December 9 | Posted by Entrepreneur Writer

The infographic below shows the top angel investors of year 2013. The cool information on it was compiled by a company which main activity is representing entrepreneurs – Empact, and... Read more

What Is A Start Up Accelerator?

November 18 | Posted by Entrepreneur Writer

Start up accelerator, also referred as seed accelerator, is a form of business incubator that is chasing profit. Its main purpose is helping highly potential business ideas with mentoring, office... Read more

The Financing Stages Of A Business

November 17 | Posted by Entrepreneur Writer

Money is the lifeblood of any business. It is the fuel that any company needs in any stage of its existence. No matter how big it is, no matter how... Read more

What Is Seed Funding?

November 17 | Posted by Entrepreneur Writer

Seed capital, also referred as seed funding is a commonly used term in the business world. But what does it mean and how exactly is it used? Well, in this... Read more