The Real Truth About Success

Every single day we see successful people around us. They seem to be so happy, they smile, they obviously enjoy life, they have enough spare time, because of their financial independence… Their lives look so carefree. Most people think of them as they are the ‘lucky ones’. It seems that any of them just got lucky at some point in her life and all the great life they live now is because of some kind of a fluke. Well, often in life things are not what they seem to be… What you see about most of these people is just the top of the iceberg… The truth about most success is a little bit darker and uglier than most of us think. Most of the successful ones went through years of struggle and sacrifices. All of them know what hard work and dedication are and most of them had many moments of desperation and failure. This is how they finally made it, this story is a common one for almost all of them. Most of the greatest companies today are started this way, here in we have plenty of startup stories to prove that. @sylviaduckworth has created a cool infographic called ‘The Iceberg Illusion’ that very accurately represents the truth about success:

The Iceberg illusion

The real truth about success, by @sylviaduckworth

Don’t get fooled by the top of the iceberg, people! It’s just the top… Like many things in life, what you see (what’s visible) is not always, and even in most of the cases, what it actually is. So look at what’s below the water on the picture, do all of these things there, and be successful! You can not make it without these items, and you need them to succeed! Cheers!

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