The Net Worth Of The Top 15 Tech Billionaires

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February 6 | Posted by Entrepreneur Writer | Famous Entrepreneurs, Richest People In The World, Successful Startups


Starting an IT company has been the quickest way to getting shamelessly rich. There are thousands of stories about young guys, who occupied their father’s garage and started there a company that would change the world. Launching an international IT business from a dorm room has become something trivial. Tech companies are currently booming and they are around 30% of all start ups. While there are thousands of tech millionaires, tech billionaires are not that many. On the following infographic, you can see the winners of the ‘tech start ups’ contest. These guys below are the top 15 billionaires, who made his money from information technologies. The following picture was compiled by the guys from, who has been throwing around some good business infographics recently.

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These are the top 15 IT billionaires.

These are the top 15 IT billionaires. Created by:


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