10 Super Successful Tech Start Ups

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Today technology is booming again and there are thousands of new tech companies launched every single month in the US. Some of them make it big, some of them just don’t. This is how things in business go. Because this site is mainly about great business ideas and entrepreneurs, we have researched many of the new ventures. So, here is how we decided to make a list with 10 of the most successful and relatively new technology start ups. each one of them is build around a great and fresh business idea, so it’s worth reading a sentence or two about all of them.


The logo of Asana

The logo of Asana


Slogan: Teamwork without email

Website: http://asana.com
Founders: Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein
Funding: Angel investors, who provided around $10.2 in starting capital.
Started where: San Francisco
What they do: Asana has developed a web platform, which main function is to improve the way teams and their members communicate and collaborate between each other. It was developed by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz is one of the founders of Facebook. Both he and and the programming wiz Justin Rosenstein previously worked on improving the productivity of employees at Facebook.

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The logo of Cloudera

The logo of Cloudera


Website: cloudera.com
Founders: Amr Awadallah, Jeff Hammerbacher, Mike Olson
Started when: 2009
Funding: $76 million in venture capital
Started where: Palo Alto, California
What they do: Cloudera’s main activity is developing and improving Hadoop – open source application that is the core of the visitors analysis engine of the biggest web sites in the word. They play with the biggest and most popular names on the web. They claim that more than 50% of company’s programming output is donated upstream to various Apache-licensed open source projects like Apache Avro, Apache Hive and some others.


The logo of Sendgrid

The logo of Sendgrid


Website: sendgrid.com
Founders: Isaac Saldana, Jose Lopez, and Tim Jenkins
Started when: 2009
Funding: $27.4 million in venture capital, angel investors
Started where: Boulder, CO
What they do: They offer business to business e-mal delivery service. Thry manage various kinds of email messages including shipping notifications, friend requests, sign-up confirmations, newsletters and others. The company is currently booming, it has been growing by 10% monthly for some time now and deliver more than 3 billion messages monthly.

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Nicira Networks

Website: nicra.com
Founders: Martin Casado, Nick McKeown and Scott Shenker
Started when: 2007
Funding: around $90 million
Started where: Palo Alto, California
What they do: They offer a service called ‘network virtualization’, which is combining hardware and software resources into just one, software-based administrative entity, called virtual network. Martin Casado was the inventor of this new technology and according to him, it will change the way how people make networks.