The Biggest Angel Investors In 2013

The infographic below shows the top angel investors of year 2013. The cool information on it was compiled by a company which main activity is representing entrepreneurs – Empact, and the crowdfunding platform – Fundable . The guys from these firms combined their efforts and gave birth to this beautiful piece of image, on which you can read a paragraph about each of the 5 biggest angel investors of the year.

The following 5 angels have already helped more than 150 starting companies this year and for the time of their entire career, they have sponsored more than 700 start ups. Here you can read a line or two about each of them and learn some interesting facts around their career. You can see a short story about how they started and how they reached the point they are standing at now. And if you are a starting entrepreneur, this information here could even help you with your fundrising issues, who knows…

Among these more than 700 companies these guys helped are names like:, Twitter, Arc, WePay, Pinterest, Evernote, Flickr, DropBox, Foursquare, Google, Udemy, SendGrid and many other. Some of these businesses has become multinational global corporations today, making billions of dollars in sales.

The Biggest Angel Investors of Year 2013

The Biggest Angel Investors of Year 2013, by Fundable and Empact


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