The Most Critical Success Factor

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There are many e-books and other on-line tutorials, that can show you how to start a small business or begin earning online… No matter what you plan to do, there is one thing, just one thing that is the most important for your success… And what is it? Money? No… Knowledge and experience? May be, but not exactly… Money and experience are important, but they are secondary. OK, lets go straight to the thing. Believe it or not, it is so simple, that anyone can do it, but not everyone does it and this is one of the main reasons for failures, no matter what you do!


Do Take Action!

So the most critical thing for your success is to TAKE ACTION ! Yes, it’s that simple! Taking action is crucial if you want to do something, doing something = action. Imagine that you have a cool business idea, you don’t have the money, you don’t have the experience, just a nice idea that can earn you some money… What would you do?

Take Action,

A big percentage of people will just let it pass, they would probably say: “A naked idea is nothing, I don’t have the time and the resources to realize it right now…” and they probably never will…

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Others will probably go further, but when they meet a bigger obstacle, they would give up. For example, you go and make a presentation of your business idea in front of a venture funding company. They like it, but they want some documentations like a detailed business plan, many other documents, they want that you found a company etc, etc. And you say: “Man, that’s hell a lot of work, and it’s still not sure that I will get enough funding…” And you stop taking action and give up!

A very small percentage of people will really take action. This means that they will do whatever they can and whatever it is required to achieve a certain goal. Taking action is not just starting, it’s a continuous process and this is what everyone should do to achieve a decent success. This is what anyone of the famous entrepreneurs did, to become rich and build an empire. I know the stories of many successful people, here on this site you can find many of them and there is no exception. All of them did take consistent action to achieve success.

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