Fact: Microsoft Bought Their First Operating System MSDOS From Tim Patterson

Tim Patterson, the father of QDOS

Tim Patterson, picture – Wikipedia

Did you know, that Microsoft bought the prototype of their first disk operating system¬† “MS-DOS” from a man working in a small computer company named “Seattle Computer Products”? Tim Patterson, an engineer in this enterprise, had developed the operating system for six weeks, for internal purposes only.¬†He named it QDOS – “Quick and Dirty Operating System”.

One day, in 1980, as Tim was sitting in his lab, he was visited by a man named Paul Allen (one of the founders of Microsoft), who offered him $50 000 for his QDOS software. Can you imagine Patterson’s face at that moment? What you would look like if someone offered you this amount of money for something you built practically in your spare time. He just couldn’t believe that someone offered him that much for something he had to build for the last few weeks. So, not surprisingly he accepted the deal…

Soon Microsoft signed a contract with IBM, offering them the operating system for their computers. Shortly the new MS-DOS was one of the most used operating systems in the world. Several years later, Microsoft would become a multi-billion company.

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