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Fundraising Ideas. Some suggestion for financing a start up venture.

When to seek funding

Small Business Funding Tips And Advice

Some tips when finding financing for your small business… Funding is one of the most crucial things for a start up. When you are a starting entrepreneur, money is usually scarce and in the same time it’s so needed for growing the business. But does a start up really need to seek for cash in...

The Biggest Angel Investors of Year 2013

The Biggest Angel Investors In 2013

The infographic below shows the top angel investors of year 2013. The cool information on it was compiled by a company which main activity is representing entrepreneurs – Empact, and the crowdfunding platform – Fundable . The guys from these firms combined their efforts and gave birth to this beautiful piece of image, on which...

Some start up funding statistics in the United States

How Starting Entrepreneurs Fund Their Start Ups

Arranging the needed funds for your startup is a crucial factor for its launch. Even though money is not the most important thing, it’s 100% needed when launching a new venture. If you are a starting entrepreneur, you most probably have been thinking about how exactly to find the cash for your starting business. Well,...

Venture capital statistics in the United States

Venture Capital Financing Statistics In The US

Venture capital funding is one cool and accessible way of satisfying the hunger for cash of a dynamically growing startup. The company, which main activity is providing help to starting entrepreneurs throughout the fundraising stage, has created this beautiful infographic below, where you can see some interesting statistics about venture capital financing in the...