Dave Weiner Quit His Job As A CEO To Found Priority Bicycles And Pursue A Childhood Dream

Dave Weiner worked for Cole Systems for more than 9 years. He became a CEO there, but he quit. Why? He just wanted to pursue his childhood dream. Some people might find his decision strange, but I find it awesome. I really admire such people and I wish him the best of luck. Don’t we have just one life to spend it chasing the dream of someone else? Now, Dave is a CEO too, but at his own company called Priority Bicycles (http://www.prioritybicycles.com/). Here is his story of how it is published on their site:

Dave Weiner and Priority Bicycles’ Story

Priority Bicycles

Priority Bicycles

Dave Weiner, started Priority because he was frustrated with bicycles in market. He found that cheaper bikes weren’t so cheap after all of the maintenance that needs to go into them, and that all of the technological advancements in cycling had only been implemented in high-end performance bicycles. Dave dreamed of a bicycle that was high quality, easy to maintain, and built specifically for recreational cyclists. He grew up in the bicycle industry, and after spending many years in computer software, he wanted of getting back into the industry and realize this dream.

Priority Bicycles launched on Kickstarter in July of 2014. We were initially hoping for $30,000 in backing during our 30 day campaign, but reached this goal in under 2.5 hours, and in 30 days reached over $550,000. Between all of our Kickstarter backers, and all of the phone calls, emails, and test rides we’ve given at our office, we quickly realized Dave’s dream was one shared by people all over the world.

Since our Kickstarter launch, Priority has been featured in Gizmodo, Make, Uncrate, Fitness Magazine, the Coolector, Self Magazine, Yahoo News, eHow, countless bicycle publications and blogs, and was named #5 on Buzzfeed’s “Top 21 Genius Gadgets on Kickstarter.”

Today the Priority team consists of the best cycling and supply chain experts around, and we’re all dedicated to delivering the absolute best product on the market so that you can simply enjoy the ride.

Dave Weiner, the CoFounder, and CEO of Priority Bicycles is a lifelong advocate of cycling. He is an advocate of sustainable transportation and healthy living. He has been in the cycling industry for many years, having founded and run several successful bike businesses. Priority Bicycles was born out of Dave Weiner‘s desire to create a better and more affordable way to get around. Prior to launching Priority Bicycles, Dave worked in the bike industry for over a decade, receiving an executive MBA in design and international business along the way. His goal was to make cycling more accessible and enjoyable to everyone.

The Priority Bicycles brand is focused on making high-quality, safe, and affordable bikes for everyone. They offer classic designs with modern features that are easy to maintain and reliable. They offer various sizes of bikes from kids bikes to electric bikes. All their bikes come with a limited lifetime warranty, as well as rustfree components and frames. The company also has a service network for customers to use for repairs and maintenance. In addition to the focus on affordability, the company is also committed to sustainability. The bikes are made of recycled and recyclable materials, and most components are made to be either reused or composted. Priority Bicycles works with a variety of material reuse programs, such as the New Life Cycle program, which uses recycled bike parts to create repairs and jobs in India.

Dave Weiner also started a bikesharing program called Social Bicycles, which was acquired by rideshare giant Uber in 2016. The program has revolutionized how people move around in cities. It allows users to locate and unlock bikes on the street and ride them to their destination before locking them up wherever they choose. Dave Weiner and Priority Bicycles are changing the cycling landscape, proving that biking can be affordable, sustainable, and fun. With their commitment to quality, innovation, affordability, and sustainability, Priority Bicycles is becoming increasingly popular across the cycling community.

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