A History Of The Harley Davidson Company

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A Brief History of Harley-Davidson

Harley Davidson is an iconic motorcycle manufacturer in America and most probably the most famous motorcycle manufacturer in the world. The company is based in the United States. Having been founded out of a small outhouse in 1903 by a 20-year old William S. Harley, the company has achieved massive success. William Harvey build the first powered bicycle using a small engine that had 116cc capacity. Harley had drawn the blueprint for this engine in 1901.

William Harley

William Harley back in 1907, source: www.harley-davidson.com/

The first garage of this company which measured 10ft by 15ft was a courtyard shed behind their home. This is where the first power-cycle bicycle was made. The Motor Company has grown into the largest motorcycle company in America. It manufactures traditional cruiser motorcycles by utilizing air cooled V-Twin engines. The first Harley motorcycle was a racing bike that was built in a woodshed that had the name Harley-Davidson Motor Company crudely scribed on it.

The first Harley Davidson Factory

The first factory of Harley Davidson back in 1903, source: www.harley-davidson.com/

When Harley manufactured and sold the first Harley motorcycle in 1903, there were several small motorcycle companies that were mushrooming across the country. If we can flash-forward more than a century ago, you’ll find out that Harley-Davidson brand is so rooted in the American culture that the history of this motorcycle company interweaves with the history of the America.

Arthur Davidson in 1907

Arthur Davidson in 1907.source: www.harley-davidson.com/

After the first motorcycle in 1903 was already a successful fact, his brother Arthur Davidson joined the company and got involved in the business. Arthur was 21 years old at the time. They now opened a dealer shop in 1904 and managed to sell three Harley motorbikes. In 1905, a Harley model won a 15-mile race in Chicago. In the same year, the Harley Motor Company hired its very first employee and a year later; they opened up a bigger factory where they hired five more people. They became the first company to produce the first catalog for a motor vehicle in the world in the year 1906.

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William Harley and Arthur Davidson later joined forces with their other brother Walter Davidson and Harley-Davison Company was born in 1907 and the company started gathering pace. Harley-Davidson established roots in Milwaukee and began hiring employees. By the end of the decade, they were producing motorbikes using its 45-degree V-Twin engine that was air-cooled.