A Qurious Fact – The Name ‘Godaddy’ Was Chosen As A Joke

Godaddy is one of the super successful IT firms today. The company is largest ICANN accredited domain registrar today with more than 55 million names under management. If you are interested to read more about how the business was founded, you can check this article on the matter: Godaddy’s Story. Here I will talk just about one interesting thing regarding it history:

How Godaddy Got Its Name

Bob Parsons founded Godaddy back in 1997 under the name Jomax Technologies. One day Parsons realized that it sounded too trivial, the company needed a ‘real name’. One day he was enjoying a night with friends and they were brainstorming some names. With the help of a little whiskey, the ideas started flowing… Godaddy.comSomebody suggested: “Big Daddy”, but bigdaddy.com was taken, “Fat Daddy” …, taken again. Then ‘Go Daddy’ popped up. It was free and Parson bought it as a joke. He told everybody that he would change the company’s name to GoDaddy from tomorrow. Everybody knew he was kidding, but actually, the name stayed and this is how it came. Bob Parsons shared this story on a recent conference.

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