Is It Good Or Bad To Have A Higher IQ

Most of the greatest inventors, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs of all times are super intelligent people, their IQ is usually more than 145. These guys and gals have been shaping our future and our lives. They are the ones, who created our world as it is today. To be really smart could be great, but also it has some big disadvantages, too. In many cases being stupid is the coolest thing, that God may have given to someone. Super intelligent people are predisposed to many bad habits and not cool mental conditions like depression, anxiety, and some illnesses. This below is an interesting infographic created by, where you can see some of the good and the bad things that come with high intelligence. The higher your IQ is, the bigger the chance is to make something significant in your life. But also the bigger the chance to suffer from depression, anxiety and alcohol and drugs addiction. So, is it good or bad to be smart? Have a look at the following data and please drop as a comment your opinion below.

Good Or Bad To Be Smart?


Good or bad to be smart? Good or bad to be smart, created by

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