Is It Good Or Bad To Have A Higher IQ

Most of the greatest inventors, artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs of all time are super intelligent people, their IQ is usually more than 145. These guys and gals have been shaping our future and our lives. They are the ones, who created our world as it is today. To be really smart could be great, but also it has some big disadvantages, too. In many cases being stupid is the coolest thing, that God may have given to someone. Super intelligent people are predisposed to many bad habits and not cool mental conditions like depression, anxiety, and some illnesses. This below is an interesting infographic created by, where you can see some of the good and the bad things that come with high intelligence. The higher your IQ is, the bigger the chance is to make something significant in your life. But also the bigger the chance to suffer from depression, anxiety, and alcohol and drug addiction. So, is it good or bad to be smart? Have a look at the following data and please drop a comment with your opinion below.

Good Or Bad To Be Smart?

Good or bad to be smart? Good or bad to be smart, created by

Having a higher-than-average IQ is a blessing that can bring some extraordinary opportunities and lead to success. It can also open up areas of research and exploration that would be inaccessible to people with a lower IQ. Having a higher IQ can open new doors in both your personal and professional lives.

A higher IQ may bring about a greater understanding of complex materials. Those with higher IQs often have an easier time understanding difficult concepts and topics that may require additional work from those with lower IQs. They are often capable of quickly understanding and retaining large amounts of information, as well as seeing the big picture of a particular subject. People with higher IQs are also often more creative and have better problem-solving skills.

Higher IQs may also provide individuals with a greater opportunity to access higher educational pursuits, and even earn higher salaries. Those with higher IQs may also be more likely to become leaders within their respective fields due to their superior intellect. There is also research that suggests that those with higher IQs may even live longer than those with lower IQs, and may reap additional health benefits due to their above-average intelligence.

Of course, having a higher IQ has its own set of drawbacks. Those with higher IQs may be more prone to boredom and may struggle to find tasks that are challenging enough to keep their attention. They may also find it hard to form relationships with those of lower intelligence, as they may feel misunderstood or undervalued.

In the end, the decision of whether having a higher IQ is something to be celebrated is up to the individual. Those who have higher IQs often have the privilege of accessing opportunities that may not be available to those with lower IQs, as well as being more likely to succeed in their lives and careers. On the other hand, some may find it difficult to relate to those with lower IQs, or may struggle to find tasks challenging enough to keep their attention. Ultimately, the decision of whether having a higher IQ is a blessing or a curse is up to the individual.

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