How To Make A Lot Of Money? Here Is How Millionaires Do It

Being rich is cool, isn’t it? But there is something even cooler… Being extremely rich is extremely cool! Probably many of you have asked yourselves the question ‘How can I get rich?‘ or ‘How did those billionaires make their extremely large fortunes?’… Not only how you can make money, but how to make a lot of money. You’ve come to the right site for the answers. On BusinessIdeasLab you can read the stories of some of the most successful people in the business world. And here in this post is a kind of a more general answer to these questions… Nerdwallet has created a nice infographic, on which you can see how the top 400 Forbes billionaires made their money. Below is statistical data, about the sectors the top billionaires worked in. You can see some really interesting statistics. Before I saw this picture, I thought that computers and the technology industry has made the most billions, but obviously the financial services industry has made more than 2 times more. Despite IT would not be a bad way to take to the riches, starting opening a hedge fund seems to be the best bet to make loads of money for now. It’s pretty interesting that even the oil and real estate industries combined have made less rich people than the financial services industry. However, things are very dynamic and change frequently. I wouldn’t underestimate technology, especially when I am watching the current list with the wealthiest people in the world. 8 out of the top 20 richest people today have made their money from technology and I believe that in the coming years, this industry will make the most millionaires than any other industry has ever created… ever. Just because technology is everywhere in our lives, at school, at home, at the hospital, in our pockets, in our cars, everywhere. And this is just the start of a huge transformation that is going to follow in the next decade. Our lives are already unimaginable without modern technology and this will be even more like this in a decade from now.

How to make a lot of money fast? This is how the top 400 richest people did it:

How the richest 400 Americans got rich How to make big money? This was how the richest 400 Americans got rich, created by


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