Money For Nothing – The I Am Rich Mobile App

Sometimes consumer’s behavior doesn’t really make sense… This is what the people with some really crazy business ideas take advantage of, and this is how their ideas work. This is a story of a one really weird idea, that didn’t make millions, but it’s worth knowing about it big time. Why? Because it’s really simple, anyone can do it and works very well. It’s a proof of the fact that thinking out of the box is always a good way to do business.

I Am Rich…

In 2008, a guy called Armin Heinrich decided to make a different mobile application. But this would be not an ordinary app, it would be different than any of its predecessors because it would do really nothing… When the app was started, it showed a lucent ruby at the center of the screen, and an icon that when pressed, showed the following text with big letters:

I am rich
I deserve it
I am good,
healthy &

I Am Rich App, Source:

I Am Rich App, Source:

But this was not the only weird thing about the application ‘I Am Rich’… If someone wanted to buy it, he/she would have to pay the price of $999.99 or 799.99 euro, or 599.99 pounds sterling. These were the maximum prices for an app in these currencies.

So, how do you find it? Would you buy such an application and pay such a price? Why the heck would anyone buy such a crap? No matter how much money she has… These are some reasonable questions, but in fact the app was purchased by 8 people only for 3 days, before it was prohibited by Apple on the App Store. For the three days ‘I Am Rich” stayed online, it brought more than $8 000 in revenue, or around $2 600 per day. Wow! Making more than $2k a day is not a bad income, no matter where you live…

What Is The Heck Wrong With The World Today?

This application shows also something disturbing… It’s a kind of anomaly in capitalism, which is called consumerism. Millions of people suffer from starvation out there, while others are literally wasting money for junk. Probably you should think about this before you make your next fancy purchase…

Currently, the I Am Rich app is online for sale on the iTunes again, but this time at the price of $ 9.99. After all, it’s a really cool business idea and it would be really bad if the author didn’t take advantage of its media popularity. It available for Android, too.

I am rich for Android:

I am rich on iTunes:

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