The Origin Of The Mercedes Benz Name – This Is Where It Comes From

Everyone wants to own a car. In this modern day and age, we have a lot of car manufacturers and one of the more noteworthy is Mercedes Benz. I was browsing around the Internet and came across an interesting story about how and where exactly this name came from. So, this is just a short story about why Mercedes is called… Mercedes.

This was where the name actually originates from…

The name came from the beautiful daughter of Emil Jellinek, her name was Mercedes. A rich banker-sportsman from Vienna, Emil Jellinek, was very fascinated with the success of Daimler Motors in racing competitions. He bought a controlling stock interest in Daimler in the 1890s and put a huge amount of money into the removal of the sons of Daimler and Gottlieb. It was Jellinek who urged Daimler to make the most powerful engine which was the 35 HP Monster.

In 1900, the 4-cylinder Daimler was built and the car was christened Mercedes, the daughter of Jellinek. The car became an instant craze. The Mercedes was an outstanding car, from its shining fenders to its T-head twin carburetors; it gave justice to Jellinek’s daughter.

One of the old models of Mercedes

One of the old models of Mercedes

Jellinek was so much in awe of Daimler’s cars, and so enamored with high-speed cars that for nearly five years, he had exclusive ownership of the Mercedes line. He also limited the sales of cars only to famous and influential people. Jellinek’s international reputation as a sportsman and his careful selection of the buyers of Mercedes cars placed the automobile in the upper- bracket of the most expensive and highly-coveted cars in the world. Their clientele was also comprised of people from the upper class who can afford this well-designed car that is noted for its excellent performance.

In the end, Jellinek not only got a pretty nice company for himself but also named it after his daughter. Over the years, Mercedes-Benz has kept its place among the best car producers in the world. Their slogan is “The Best Or Nothing’ and I may say that they really mean these words. To read more about the cool story of the company, you can go here: or you can also visit their official site here: . You will find some really engaging information about the company, its business, its car models, and many more.

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